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**** Note the election date for Vienna Town elections has been pushed to Tuesday May 19th. Voting by absentee ballot is highly recommended ****


Vienna is a wonderful small town, but you already know that.  You also know that our town is under tremendous development pressures, especially along Maple Avenue, which threaten to turn our little town into a big town, complete with 6 story buildings.  I don’t think that’s right for Vienna.   

Instead, I want to be your vote on the Town Council for responsible development along Maple Avenue.  You don’t want buildings that are too tall, or too close to the street, or too dense, and neither do I.  The next Council will redo the Maple Avenue Corridor Ordinance and thereby set the rules for developers for the foreseeable future.  I want to be part of that process.  I will bring more than 16 years of service on Town boards and committees to the table, including 14 years on the Board of Architectural Review - I am currently its Chairman.  I have been a trial attorney in Northern Virginia for 44 years, so I know how to argue persuasively for a client.

But before we get back to that, we have to get through the next two or three months, and beyond.  When the new Town Council members take their seats in June, they will face the greatest challenges to confront our little town since 1861. 

Now, more than ever, you need people on the Council who will work as a team – not as competing slates.  I want to be part of that team.  

I have never been influenced by any special interest or developer, and I’m not about to start now.  I will do my best to ensure that we keep our small-town atmosphere, while encouraging Maple Avenue’s much-needed revival.

Back in 1980, when Sharon and I were looking for a home to share our lives, we could have settled anywhere in Northern Virginia.  We chose Vienna because it was a nice little town, and because we fell in love with a little house nestled amid a grove of ash, birch, and maples on Moore Avenue.  Forty years later, we feel the same.  I want the same for you and I’m willing to fight for it.  I have spent 40 years living in this town.  Along the way I have served as a scoutmaster, a PTA board member, a Sunday School teacher, a Chamber of Commerce Board member, and more.  I have come to know and to love this little town. 

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